Jeffrey Lytle was born in Trinidad, California on the 15th day of January, 1970. He attended local schools and has decided to make Humboldt County his home. Over the years, Jeffrey has actively participated in community events such as 4-H related activities – livestock, cooking, fishing accessories/tackle, small motor repairs, gardening; and, volunteering for Special Olympics as a young child, parades, kinetic sculpture races, church events; and,  soccer player, coach, referee; and, local politics – 2006 5th District Supervisor’s election, MCSD Alternative Energy Committee, MCSD Incorporation Committee, unsuccessful application for an appointed position on the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission; attendance at MCSD meetings/special meetings, County Supervisors Meetings, County Planning Commission Meetings – General Plan Update Process; and, attendance at a County Human Rights Commission Forum in 2007, attendance at a HRC meeting to understand the people and the mission, attendance at an AFPD Assessment Campaign meeting in McKinleyville, Town Hall meetings in McKinleyville, involved as a prosecuting eyewitness in several lawsuits with Humboldt County being a defendant, etc… – a whirlwind of life experiences surely to continue along with the everyday responsibility of operating and maintaining a business in a tight economic environment.

For the past 19 years, Jeffrey Lytle has proudly been part of a great cast of extremely loyal community members who have dedicated their civil services, time, energy and best efforts to give back to the community. As soccer referees, they have many opportunities to do something beneficial which fills a niche for community members to socialize. These very same referees also have another professional life as well. These professions consist of the self-employed, educators, medical professionals, R.C.A.A., public employees, brewers, landscapers, journeymen laborers, college students,  etc…  – not to mention the other community members for whom NCSOA members engage with when reffing weekly games or participating as players on their teams. The referee association (NCSOA) is a dedicated group of hard working individuals who shall continue to engage in future community activities and events when they are not holding the whistle (cheers to ya all!).

In ending, Jeffrey Lytle understands the difference between right and wrong. He has lived his life in a manner of dying with honor, conviction and integrity with the overall emphasis being upon the advancement of a better society that cherishes America’s Constitutional Freedoms, Privileges and Rights for all citizens in their pursuit for happiness, tranquility and comfort.

Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate


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