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Lytle has filed papers – plans to run in 5th District Supervisor election

       The upcoming race for the 5th District Supervisor is apparently drawing increased interest, activity and generation among the local politicos. As there exists many patrons to the political process, the well-informed and connected are understanding of which documents are filed; and, when they need to be filed. Additionally, with the evolution of the internet, community outreach organizations, civic activities and other local social interests, the “rumor mills” are ever so much more fed with information – a form of chatter which is often right but mis-diagnosed.  Anyhow, with that being reality, such is the start toward another campaign season for the diverse citizens and their associates while residing and conducting business from within the 5th District boundaries of Humboldt County, California. Good Luck to all candidates ( ).

       This year’s cycle of elections will give Humboldt County a “new look” – fresh with new faces. There will be many issues to discuss. There will be many concerns which become expressed. There will exist many “personal experiences” that will come into discussion. There will be plenty of jargon, gossip, rumors, innuendos and enough differences of opinions that it will be interesting when “getting down to it all”. Understandably, due to the advent and innovations with technology and communication devices, use of the internet will now and forth become a “communications tool” used in election campaigns to better tell accurately the positions of a candidate. So, it is of cautious and of extreme importance for the community members to judge all the candidates as human beings too (body, mind, soul). 

Hopefully during this election cycle, voters will consider and anticipate whether any particular candidate has what it takes to “keep their word and character intact”. Voters must ask themselves from within their hearts “who is qualified” (we all are), but who has told the truth in the past and present; AND, shall into the future. Does a candidate support “full public transparency”, while understanding the inter-twined civil rights protected exemptions? Does a candidate “act” and use “deceitful” practices to get an upper-leg? Are their “existing insider” political connections that allow any one candidate to have a superior advantage over others based purely AND only on “who you know that is a local political insider”? Will the candidate “acknowledge” not only the great aspects of all of our communities, but also those aspects for those communities’ needs; AND, will there be “concomitant acknowledgements” in some form for the existing victims from within all the communities who “deserve” this respect? 

These and many more questions exist which essentially puts the responsibility on the voter to make sure public officials are elected to protect all the rights, freedoms, and liberties of those who have or have not elected that candidate into office. Jeffrey Lytle submits he is accepting of “full” acknowledgment of any community victimization and hopes all the other candidates are as well. If we are to move forward, we must as a conjoined community accept that wrongs have occurred. We must as a conjoined community acknowledge the wrongs that have occurred. We must also work together to correct what we can so that moving forward leaves less people behind. There still exists enough citizens in the 5th District who continue to suffer in ways which erode local history, prevent appropriate and healthier living styles and that subject many victims to a life of dependency and despair, many of whom are generally good people who socially or economically have been affected or displaced.  In the end, it behooves us all to do the right thing, for this is the greatest form of conduct which either allows us to live a comfortably free life or not.

Anyhow, let us hope the race is fair, factual and free of falsities¤. 

Good Luck to all!

Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate



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