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The Humboldt County Economy – Part A (synopsis)

       Humboldt County, a geographically isolated and remote area in the far northwestern part of California, has been through some amazing times over the years economically. Between agriculture, timber, fishing, mining, tourism, the college education system, slow growth/expansion, etc…, Humboldt County has experienced significant changes over the years due to many things political, environmental, and social, including advancements in the areas of innovation and technology which have helped to re-shape and transform this county to one that is hopefully more adept to what the 21st Century will impose upon society. Of course, it would be a major injustice if history were not to include all the self-employed citizens who have jobs associated with many of the natural resources provided by this area.

       So, a logical question comes to mind, “What NEEDS to occur?” It is a great question for which many answers can be correct. Yet, how many times has there been an election cycle where candidates make all sorts of promises, plans, goals and favors; and, then can’t follow through. Additionally, too many candidates don’t recognize that there is already a huge EXISTING workload that Supervisors are dealing with. If an existing workload is going to be presented to an incoming candidate when filling the vacant political seat, it would be unwise to have already made too many plans without having had a schedule and work list to prioritize the needs of the individual Districts and the County as a whole.

Additionally, it is very important to recognize the needs of The People too! This is, for whatever reason, a very hard concept to follow through on for elected officials at times. Today, with the current economic climate being not very good, “public jurisdictions” should not be making it harder for the citizens to live their lives in such social turmoil and uncertainty. Jeffrey Lytle believe’s that leaving people alone in most respects is necessary.

Jeffrey Lytle believe’s that most people understand their life’s needs and will more efficiently figure out how to survive. Jeffrey Lytle believes that life is not perfect and there is going to exist people who are disrespectful. It is true that there is a small percentage of folks in society that can’t fend for themselves because of health conditions. It is true that there exists a small collection of folks who CAN and are ABLE to work, but they choose not too. So, the question becomes, “what can WE carry out together” WITHOUT more local taxation, burdens or liabilities being imposed on the public that may negatively accentuate a local economic base built too heavily on retail consumption, while lacking higher paying jobs that actually produce a product or have some economic benefit other than consumption.

Retail consumption works for the public entity because of the sales tax base generated – remember the “key” word, GENERATED! When sales decrease, so does sales tax revenue for a state, city or county. This is a pre-cursor to increases in a local sales tax base rate, a state sales tax base rate or some other user type fees placed upon the consumers. It is also a cause for government budget shortfalls  because the public entity was not prepared enough ahead of time in adjusting it’s expenditures to conform to less tax dollars coming in as revenue. Then, when the likelihood of taxing the consumer gets politically challenging, the private property owner gets taxed extra for water rate increases, sewer rate increases, house insurance increases, mobile home registration increases, increased maintenance costs due to inflation, an occasional bond or two, etc… Additionally, coupled with job losses, fear, anger, concern and many other natural emotions that coincide with sustaining life without a job, it would be rather silly to impose more burdens upon struggling people. It is essentially the idea of letting people administer their own lives the way they need to. In doing so, the citizens must practice respect and understand that their actions do have legal and regulatory consequences which vary depending on the conducts exhibited. Respect goes a very, very long way.

Below, I have outlined some thoughts where I believe it would be in the best interest of the county to focus “new” energy on when the time presents itself with regard to the existing responsibilities that any candidate will realisticly inherit once seated into office:

******************Investing in Humboldt County******************

Local Economic Stimulation thoughts:

  1. Complete General Plan Update Review Process
  2. Environmental and Historic Conservation/Restoration 
  3. Alternative Energy prioritization
  4. Natural Resource Technology/Innovation
  5. Basic Services / Social Services Department

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Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate 





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