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Lytle’s thoughts regarding “General Plan Policies”

“Retaining a FLAWED Action Policy OR No Policy” is essentially like having an agnostic cognition which allows for a manipulated and crafted political interest atmosphere that favors a fluctuating and clouded cogency. – JL         

       The Humboldt County General Plan is the local constitution of sorts for its local community members. This plan is the framework for which allows The People a review of their “social, political and economic” opportunities. Policies are “the actionable explanations” of any given local ordinances or codes. These policies, however, never are perfect. In fact, most policies are not even close to being “balanced” for purposes of legalities, uniformity, clarity, specificity, fairness, appropriateness, effectiveness or even being successful. True too, if no policy exists, then what?

       As many folks are aware, Humboldt County’s citizens have been mired in controversy over this “General Plan Update” process for too long. Citizens have complained about not being included or heard. Worse yet, citizens feel ignored when their communiques regarding specific concerns are not met with at least a communication back, e-mail or written retort. Additionally, being heard in each community has been questionable, and the amplified voices of the citizenry compelled to make a difference proves this known spirit to orderly criticize. In fact, the last supervisor election cycle seated 2 newly elected public officials during the GPU process partly due to these concerns.

       Still until this day sadly, no supervisor has challenged the inadequacies of “the process” of adopting (at the Planning Commission level) “amended or new ordinances”  for final vote and ratification by the supervisors when placed on their agenda to do so. This is a huge problem because The People did not get to be a “part of the process that defines the ordinances and explains in definition it’s probable actionable uses – a specificity which clearly exposes the types of persons or entities which shall most likely be beneficiaries or not”!

       Why would the local planning commission pass and adopt an ordinance (updated, amended or new) without having the attached policy language so The People know how it will be operated and managed. Afterall, the planning department does not allow applicants to send in applications without details – So, what are the details that the planning commissioners and supervisors think are not needed, important or necessary prior to adopting something lacking in ingredients to explain methodologies of its probable actionable uses.

       Years ago, local communities commenced actions to create among themselves each constitution for their own specific communities. Through it all, communities came up with thoughts about how they would like to be represented – by themselves as The People. There were many recommendations before each separate community general plan was adopted and ratified by the proper jurisdictions. One such recommendation was MAC’s – mostly referred to as Municipal Advisory Committees.

       MAC’s are the functioning bodies of communities in having greater powers to self-control themselves. These MAC’s are designed in idea as another option for The People to make their voices well and clearly intentioned. Unfortunately, even after years of having the ability to finally “act” on this adopted community need, supervisors have yet to finally begin the introduction of various community voices – yes, The People could have been heard in a more powerful form, but supervisors did not really want that to happen prior to the General Plan Update process being completed. This unfortunate fact is partly why the process has been a pre-meditated fraud since day one by certain entities that practice bias to favor “obfuscation toward loopholes and enforcement”, while not providing clear opportunities for everyone, especially the less fortunate, to become a part of the structure of the community. This political game ofplaying a majority of the people aginst themselves and each other” just so happens to destroy opportunities for so many in order to line the pockets of a few – economically and politically. This is a huge problem folks – a form of , “..go on, take the money and run“.

       So, now, here the separate communities are, waiting for the completion of a GPU process so that it’s people can try an understand what they can and can’t do. Then, after some thoughts, the citizen will have to figure out if a policy even exists; AND, to investigate whether the policy is actually harmful to the intent of the adopted ordinance or code – and of course, we are then right back whence we began, The Planning Commissioners and Supervisors conducts that lack for a “complete process” before letting a department craft any procedural manipulation to aspire to hidden agendas that favor only the special interests on both sides of the political aisle – private entities and government agencies/jurisdictions.

       When any collective effort is put toward coming up with a set of rules or guidelines, inevitably, those who are the craftors and designers of the “laws” have also engaged in a pattern or direction of thought processes which are essentially best explained as thinking about all the things that can occur – “E.I.R”.esque. – JL

So, wheres the “beef”, err policy?

*** Below are examples of public tax dollar waste through Flawed policies, Processes and even Fraud ***



Health Impact Assessment  GPU

Appeal Upheld over staff review process – insufficient staff recommendations and confusion over CEQA policies at Planning Commission level.

Fairhaven Project may lose county’s ok – staff appeals it’s own inadequate review after Planning Commission vote. 

Local businesses asked to pony up for Delta Today marks the first major hurdle in efforts to lure Delta Air Lines into the Arcata/Eureka airport. For local businesses hoping to see the airline’s proposed round-trip service to Salt Lake City become a reality, it’s time to ante up……….

Delta could have pulled out of deal Part of the initial package that prompted Delta Airlines to offer direct flights east from Arcata was a $500,000 Headwaters Fund revenue guarantee if local ridership didn’t reach that 70 percent “load factor” average in the first year. ”It was really close,” Elsbree said. The bottom line is those promised funds will be going to Delta. The other part of the package included $500,000 in pre-paid travel on Delta, organized by the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission……………..

Delta Airlines service to Humboldt County now summer only The much-touted and long-sought Delta Airlines service to the Arcata/Eureka Airport is being reduced to a summer-only service, starting Sept. 1. According to a press release, Delta Airlines announced that a slow economy nationwide has impacted the company, forcing it to reduce its entire domestic capacity by 10 percent and internationally by 15 percent. As part of the cutback, many smaller markets are losing flight service entirely, the release states. Included among the cutbacks is the loss of service to the Arcata/Eureka Airport in the fall and winter months.” Arcata is one of the smallest markets in which Delta chose to keep a foothold by becoming a seasonal (summer) market,” the press release states. “Delta expects to resume service to the Arcata-Eureka Airport in June 2010.”…….

Delta pull-out has some customers scrambling  ………..Having the flight refunded and then booking another flight meant almost doubling the price in one case, Perreira said. ….. Perreira echoed Wright’s sentiments, adding that Delta Air Lines sent word that customers who had prepaid mileage cards should try to use them up. The pre-purchased flight mileage was a part of the county’s attempts last year to show the airline company that Humboldt County was committed to using its service.” We didn’t have anyone actually booked on a Delta flight because we kind of had an idea that might not be here a couple months ago,” she said. Perreira said it was unfortunate to lose such a great and convenient service, especially since Delta was good for international flights.” But in our economy things happen,” she said.

Delta to Humboldt: No summer air service Despite local support, Delta Airlines is suspending all local service indefinitely, the county announced Monday. …………Delta Airlines began its service to the Arcata/Eureka Airport in 2008 after county agencies offered incentives to bring flights to Humboldt County. Citing negative impacts from a slowing economy, ……………”We appreciate the Eureka community’s faith in Delta and we hope in the future there will be an opportunity for us to resume service,” Landers said, adding that there have been talks with the county about ways to make Delta’s service to Humboldt County more profitable.






National level:

CORRUPTION ~ Obama Admin / Stimulus ~ CORRUPTION 

8-Feb-10 11:17 am

And you want these flunkies to manage your healthcare?? LOL !!

“Last month, Obama announced a new set of tax credits for so-called green companies. One window company was on the list: Serious Materials. This must be one very special company. But wait, it gets even more interesting. On my Fox Business Network show on ‘crony capitalism’, I displayed a picture of administration officials and so-called ‘energy leaders’ taken at the U.S. Department of Energy. Standing front and center was Cathy Zoi, who oversees $16.8 billion in stimulus funds, much of it for weatherization programs that benefit Serious. The interesting twist is that Zoi happens to be the wife of Robin Roy, who happens to be vice president of ‘policy’ at Serious Windows. Of all the window companies in America, maybe it’s a coincidence that the one which gets presidential and vice presidential attention and a special tax credit is one whose company executives give thousands of dollars to the Obama campaign and where the policy officer spends nights at home with the Energy Department’s weatherization boss. Or maybe not. … On its website, Serious Materials says it did not get a taxpayer subsidy. But that’s just playing with terms. What it got was a tax credit, an opportunity that its competitors did not get: to keep money it would have paid in taxes. Let’s not be misled. Government is as manipulative with selective tax credits as it is with cash subsidies. It would be more efficient to cut taxes across the board. Why should there be favoritism? Because politicians like it. Big, complicated government gives them opportunities to do favors for their friends.” –John Stossel

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Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate



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