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Friends of the Trinidad Library – a community group

2nd Annual Adult Spelling Bee & Soup Supper

      Wow, what a fun event!  The evening started with a scenic drive to Trinidad from Mack town. Then, a nice 1/2 hour walk around downtown Trinidad over to the bluff over-looking the Harbor. Eventually, got back to sit down, eat potato and cheese soup, relax and wait for the spelling bee. Then, reality became apparent – most of us need to keep brushing up on spelling. Anyhow, Kudos to the 2 time defending and reigning Humboldt County spelling bee champion (forget her name – looked as if she was around 12-14 years of age) AND kudos to all participants and eventual recipients Patti Fleschner, Jim Waters and Bev Zeman on 1st place!!! It took until about 8:30 pm for “sudden death” to suddenly expire.

       Words misspelled included (mispell, superCede, obstrepOrous, zucchini)

Oh, the pain of knowing a fourth grader spells better – ouch!

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Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate



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