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It’s Official – Lytle confirmed by County Elections Staff

       Jeffrey Lytle would like to extend an encouraging Thank You for the dedication and hard work exhibited by county staff in guiding the candidates through the process of paperwork directly connected to this season’s election cycle. The staff has done an exceptional job in their responsibilities under some duress at times.  Great Job Celeste, Ginny and Teddy!!!

       Also, Jeffrey Lytle would like to extend a warm Thank You as well to Carolyn Crnich for her help. While filing the “statement” paperwork on disc, Jeffrey Lytle incorrectly had 14 words over the maximum total (Jeffrey Lytle apparently became disoriented with the word count total at the bottom of the word document page while drafting the document for which Carolyn raised an idea about count applicability that ended up being absolutely correct!). Anyhow, Carolyn had discussed with County Counsel the situation. Jeffrey Lytle had mentioned that he did not care about how it affected him since it was HIS mistake. Mr. Lytle compelled that the resolve be to protect Carolyn and the process because again, it was his mistake and Carolyn is an entrusted elected official who has an office that must maintain integrity and trust. So, the resolve was to “strike through” the last complete sentence forward through the final two words, leaving only Jeffrey Lytle’s website and name as part of the signatory. In all, it was the right thing to do while maintaining integrity through a fair and appropriate process to find resolve when a situation presents itself under a pressure cooker of time constraints. In ending, Miss Crnich extended a handshake as a gesture of appreciation in understanding the situation. Jeffrey Lytle appreciated Carolyn’s up-front approach and professionalism regarding the issue at hand (very sincere).

Thank You again Staff and CC!!

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Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate



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