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The Humboldt County Economy – Part B (a vision)


Local Economic Stimulation thoughts:
 1.  Complete General Plan Update Review Process
–         commence amendments and policy reviews / changes (no political shoe horning)
–         promote and encourage increased local agricultural production and a local food supply network, granaries, grass fed beef, small and large parcel farms, 2002 forward North Coast Strategy Plan otherwisw known as the ongoing Prosperity Plan being continually updated
–         finalize any CEU issues, make amendments for enforcement procedures
–         political excoriations–> stop poking and prodding those within the private sector who create employment opportunities. No need to cause friction by chafing public sentiment.
–         jobs affected by the transfers of wealth through the disarray forged from within the economies capital structure (equity, debt, liabilities, revenues, over-valuations for tax collection purposes,  etc.)
–         Local supervisors/government  does not create jobs; rather, jobs are merely shifted as per the General Plan Goals through public opportunities AND whether public funding is secure fro public sector appropriations/bills at the Federal and State levels. Bonnie Neely said at a forum that, “when you(a supervisor) make land use decisions, you decide which jobs you want.” This is wrong – it should allow for everyone an opportunity to create jobs, not a select few.
–         county website to help promote and connect various communities w/public agencies applicable to commerce and consumer affairs.
–         IZ= (project housing) not really affordable housing regardless of county regulations because it is subsidized housing ($4 million grant) separate from a “normal marketed” real-estate asset. It is also an opportunity to kickback taxpayers monies and funded projects to help select individuals in the private sector to make huge profits that are not generated from 100% private financing – change orders, service fee charges invented by the public agency, etc. are a revenue laundering scheme too with public tax dollars.
–         MIL= (forked mindset) a symbiotic but bifurcated process that affirms a whole has parts. The problem is that the separate “special permit process” is an opportunity to again futher strip more rights from property, especially after a development for which Planning and Building understand that the public agencies already stripped rights away that coincidently directly connect to future MIL development mitigations (double jeopardy)
–         Parking Standards= (double edged sword) the public agency WANTS to force parking off public streets; yet, simultaneously, the agency creates both a public and private nuisance in creating such laws due to applicability flaws (ie. residential versus commercial, versus industrial, versus civic involvements, etc.)
2.   Environmental and Historic Conservation/Restoration
–         post project management & maintenance positions
–         West Coast Governors Agreement to encourage a “GREENER” economy
–         tied to local historical industry resurrection (fish hatcheries, small pond rehabilitation efforts, freeing up waterways of unnatural obstructions and wastes, simple land management practices that allow for healthier surface and sub-surface water flows, etc…
–         tied to tourism, fishing, hunting, other outdoor recreational activities
–         Small Boat Harbor (Humboldt Bay) be concerned about too much of one form of transportation over another–> equilibrium. Also, maritime highway usages will need to be more alert with respect to cross contaminations of marine life due to habitat mpacts from vessels that frequent multiple harbors and ports through terminal activities.
–         forrest maintenance practices to lower fire hazards and green fuels
–         rural road reconstruction, repair or environmental abandonment
 3.   Alternative Energy prioritization
–         recycling revitalization & infrastructure stabilization through self-employment
–         biomass energy production facilities using green wastes, industrial wastes, etc. that can accept all forrest floor waste types, agricultural waste types (including marijuana green wastes) other than for composting or potting soil uses.
–         create new economic uses of water for ideas like growing algae for bio fuels (AQUA – A.L.), storage of fresh water by way of integrated water collection/distribution systems maintained for summertime usages to supplement holding ponds & other non-marine revitalization efforts to assist the smaller landward waterways, etc..
–         Food (chlorella?)= human food being developed by NASA that is high in protein and understood to be a superior quality of nutrification derived from an algae culture
–         new local industry leadership
–         AQUA (Aldaron Laird)
 4.   Natural Resource Technology/Innovation
–         isolate the various specialty NRT classifications (producers and consumers = jobs & skills):  architects, designers, electrical contractors, energy consultants & contractors, rating agencies, public agencies, mechanical engineers & contractors, HVAC & insulation contractors, plumbing contractors, pool contractors, builders, laborers, solar/PV designers & contractors, Window suppliers & contractors, etc..
–         get as many businesses and citizens on board to encourage implementation policies for such ideas as “turning existing buildings green, solar water heating systems, retrofitting attics and crawlspaces, reduction of moisture problems, air sealing and insulating homes/businesses, combined hydronic space and water heating for homes, zero energy design consultation, green site analysis, diagnostic testing and installs of Photovoltaic systems, Title 24 HVAC system change-outs & other compliance related issues, etc…
–         attract “new” industrial leadership to invest in the community to create “green jobs” that assist the above producers and their consumers.
–         enhance the county website (IT) into a more user friendly, quick and easy directory w/ more links to all departments with simple, basic, uniform and specific charts and guides showing all timelines and junction points within any given public process.
–         utilize “appropriate block or other grants” available for economic development that hits the ground and stays for future generations benefit.
 5.   Basic Services / Social Services Department
–         social services –> 100% State Funded
–         question priorities (preventative measures?)
–         facilitate a county wide plan to map and locate future public restrooms/facilities
–         encourage trails that connect communities for recreational purposes including natural-powered vehicular purposes (ex. bikes with carts) .
–         Senior citizens need independence to manage their lives; thus, retrofits and rennovations for senior assisted living, private jurisdiction ADA projects like lowered sinks, vanities, stoves, cooktops, ovens, counter tops, cabinets, shower stalls and accessories, door and shower thresholds, etc.
–         Sexual Awareness because too many people use children as a device to: hold marriages or livlihoods together, receive public assistances and social services, etc. because it currently pays quite well.
–         Nutrition insufficiencies and sleep deprivation need to be acknowledged and resolved prior to resorting to pharmaceutical options, therapeutic options, etc… for symptoms accentuated or brought about by the lack for the most basic of human needs.
“It is past time to refocus the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. Jeffrey Lytle WILL BE the most transparent supervisor in the history of Humboldt County. This folks is something to submit as being 100% entrusted.”
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Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate 




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