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Interview with local farmers was down to earth

      This past Monday evening, Jeffrey Lytle was able to follow-up on a request to meet a group of local farmers from throughout Humboldt County who were interested in understanding who the 5th District Supervisor candidates were and what their viewpoints are on 5 questions. An important extension of respect and sincerity was provided by the coordinators (Sara Mosser and Dave Ferel) at the last possible moment to include a candidate who followed the political process diligently to the filing deadline without any major news media attention. Kudos for being assertive and fair.

       Anyhow, some very good questions for which a person would presume more than just the answers are used as a basis for voter selectivity. It was a pleasant opportunity to “learn how to relax” in front of people while being “humanely forced” to collect thoughts in very short and deliberate timeframes, especially going in willy nilly not knowing the format  – a sort of on the fly, pressure type situation that does not allow for much adjustment.

       Jeffrey Lytle’s viewpoints given that evening below included such paraphrased thoughts as, water retention/storage / loss; farmers MUST continue as a collective of experts while elected officials lessen economic obstructions and help advertize local products; that producers need to know who their consumer base is and that distribution of their products is how to grow the industry sector; that outward development is really a tax collection/resource loss/user rights issue; that swapping or reclassifying lands for a no net loss to resource lands or putting money into an account fund for mitigations is not acceptable because one can’t ever replace prime ag lands by swap-outs, reclassifications or mitigation funds (that is more about politics, special interests, government paperwork and service fee collections than anything else); that a landowner should always have the right to live and farm on any land they own (less certain industrial uses) – rural res., ag. exc., tpz, etc.; that a few sour lemons and lack of enforcement for poor conducts on resource lands spoils it for most through inappropriate regulations, poking and prodding; that right now, Jeffrey Lytle currently supports bits and pieces of General Plan Options A  & B & D – (D) has never really been fully implemented to protect property rights and uses; that technology, chambers of commerce and the county website can be utilized to enhance advertizing opportunities for local products (it is government agencies that issue special event permits, etc. – so, advanced communication of contacts is always good business for such community events); that a concern was evaporation rates of surface waters/sub-surface moisture when shading devices (trees, forest) are stripped from the land that now becomes exposed to more direct sunlight, thus leading to less surface moisture in the dryer months necessary for deeper seepage into the water table for dry weather water table deliveries; that there should be a sheriff’s outpost in Willow Creek and other outlying areas; that for education, not much could be done for locals financially – that it was mostly higher level politicians and current bureaucracy through grants, loans, etc..; that public tax subsidies, kickbacks, credits, coupons just means that consumers were over-charged to begin with;  that infill is good but that being too close together is not good – people need choices and opportunities for various types and lifestyles that should not be taken away; that rural is healthier than urban regardless of what the County’s Health Plan tells us; that Jeffrey Lytle is the longshot and to check out all candidates websites to help understand their positions and thoughts.

Farming Links:

additional thoughts include:

Food Supply

–          4 meat companies control 80% of America’s meat market

–          Less processed, less meat, more local

–          Subsidizing food is making people sick – corn and soybeans

–          USDA not doing the best of work

–          Higher quality, less quantity is a goal like lentils, vegetables and legumes

–          No frozen beef patties (go to butcher for single muscle cuts like shoulder)

–          learn about bacterias and clean food preparation

The following images below represent only a few scans from a Freshwater 4-H Record Book containing multiple 4-H Personal Development Reports for Jeffrey Lytle through the years of 1982-1986:

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