Posted by: "HENCHMAN OF JUSTICE" | May 5, 2010

2010 Campaign forums and poor local journalism

It is unfortunate that the title to this post is somewhat negative, but the clear ethical standards being violated by local journalists covering the 4th and 5th district supervisor races is purely geared toward political defamation and tainting to promote one candidate over any other. This media usurpation of falsely conveying people’s voices and concerns is a political tactic by media to maintain current political power for those insiders who politically ally themselves with local media and local journalists – small town games. With that said, do please COMPARE the video and audio to what journalists twisted and re-shaped in their article write-ups. This is why reading a local publication is a double edge sword that cuts both ways when it benefits either an incumbent or a vacancy to be filled!

Below are examples in no particular order since the information provided for this post is based upon the results and actions of outside media outlets who have their own separate scheduling for replays in IT forms of communication: 

McKinleyville Press 5/5/2010 Volume 14, No. 42

Note: compare the article/blog write-ups and see for yourself how journalists manipulate readers. Ask yourself questions like “who was paying attention; who was specifically answering the question without throwing other crud into the response; who was reading from materials directly during their answers; who looks stone cold and unprepared for supervisor; whose answers show that the candidate is not ready for the big time, etc?”

Don’t believe local journalists nor their articles when the audio and video clearly shows how inaccurate and biased their post forum write-ups are. Local elections are rigged between the political insiders and their preferred outsiders with local media part of the game to deceive the community for profit – fact!

Jeffrey Lytle – Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor candidate


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